Welcome to Deshlink Ltd.!

Deshlink Ltd. (SPL) is dedicated and prepared to become the Top Real Estate Company in Bangladesh and for that we offer our clients with Great Experience. Deshlink Ltd. started its journey in 2021 and now with 12 years of experience and participation in different government tender for different construction work, we are inspired to move forward with our new motto, “Quality Come First”. 

Deshlink Ltd. has the ambition to offer wellness for all and as such we believe exciting times are coming ahead for us. True to our motto, key values and ambitions, Deshlink Ltd. is engaged in multiple numbers of projects aiming to provide Affordable Project for all our clients. This is our business policy, and this is what makes us loved by so many!

We also provide high-quality customized software, complete ERP software, website development, and web application development. We help to grow the businesses and help to take it to the next level. We have developed our strategies according to the client(s) service, product support, and quality assurance.

Our main focus is to provide hundred percent satisfaction to clients. We understand the customized need of each client, and partner with them to create superior value for their businesses. Our team consists of highly skilled consultants, website developers, digital marketers, and executives. We are strategists, designers, producers, and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and transforming them into engaging user experience, meaningful relationship with business and consumer.

  • We strongly believe in research and innovation.
  • We have proper Insight and experience in marketing.
  • We use cutting edge technology for any solution.
  • We prioritize business needs the most.
  • Analytics and reports for pinpoint measuring.
  • Collaboration of all discipline is our culture.
  • Adaptive and human centric UX & UI design.
  • We deliver what we promise.